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Premium+ - Related Accounts & Account Verification


This package covers related accounts, account verification, as well as all services under Performance, Policy, and Premium with the added bonus of money back guarantee, expedited time frames, and extras such as invoice verification.

Related Accounts

Did you get caught having related accounts on Amazon? This can happen for a number of reasons and some are easier to get out of than others.

  • You learned cool blackhat tricks to get you multiple accounts just becuase
  • Your account was suspended or closed and you wanted a new one, so you bought another account form someone
  • You only have one account, but logged into it while at another seller's house or office
  • You have no idea how this happened

Amazon has a sophisticated algorithm that allows them to catch even the sneakiest sellers. Sometimes, that algorithm is wrong and accuses sellers who have done nothing wrong. 

In any of these instances, we can help! Just realize this type of offense if time consuming and can take anywhere form 45-60 days to see a resolution. Our package covers the initial appeal and all follow ups to Amazon until your account has been reinstated.

Once you place your order we will have a phone consultation with you and review your account. Your appeal letter will typically be drafted within 48 hours of order confirmation (depending on which package you choose below) and successful completion of intake forms and receipt of all relevant information.

Money Back Guarantee if you're account does not get reinstated. Please see Terms and Conditions.

We look forward to getting you reinstated!