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DIY Appeal Course


Our DIY Appeal Course is a reusable asset for your business. Not only does it cover every type of suspension, but

  • Walks you through how to write the appeal
  • What information you need to include
  • How to respond to a denial
  • How to come back from the ultimate denial

Amazon requires certain keywords and formatting in order to get your plan of action past their gatekeepers (robots working on an algorithm) and to an actual human reviewer. Don't try to write your appeal alone! Get a renewable source from a veteran expert and take your future into your own hands!

You can access this course over and over, whenever you get suspended. If you need further help or just can't seem to get it reinstated, we can offer you a discount on our services.

After adding to cart, the link and password for the course will be emailed to you. If it is not sent to you within 2 hours of purchase, please email or call us for immediate support.

This course is not eligible for money back guarantee or return. It is a final purchase item because it is an educational and renewable resource. We are presenting you with a guideline to take care of your own appeals. However, utilizing it is not a guarantee of reinstatement. We do offer support at no additional charge and reinstatement services at a discount if you need further assistance.


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