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Premium Package - Copyright, Inauthentic, or IP


The following list is only a small portion of Inauthentic/Copyright Violations that can lead to an account suspension.

  • Intellectual  Property Rights Claims
  • Copyright Infringement Claims
  • Inauthentic Item Complaints 
  • Final Appeal Chance 
  • Covers everything in Performance and Policy packages with the option for expedited timeframes and Money Back Guarantee
  • You have submitted multiple appeals and Amazon is still asking for more information

Once you place your order we will have a phone consultation with you and review your account. Your appeal letter will typically be drafted within 48 hours of order confirmation (depending on which package you choose below) and successful completion of intake forms and receipt of all relevant information.

We look forward to getting you reinstated! 

Money Back Guarantee if you're account does not get reinstated. Please see Terms and Conditions.

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