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How Does The Process Work?

How Does The Process Work When You Hire The Amazon Appeal?

Step 1: Select the service you need. We recommend contacting us before placing and order so that we can ensure that we are the right fit for you.
Step 2: Place the order. Follow the checkout instructions.
Step 3: Upload Documents: Once you place the order, you will upload the documents that we need. (Account Health, A-Z Claims, Return Requests, Negative Feedback, All Correspondences with Amazon)
Step 4: Schedule an Appointment with us for a quick phone conversation
Step 5: We draft your Amazon appeal and walk you through the steps on how to submit it.
Step 6: WAIT. We can not stress this enough. Once you submit your Aamzon appeal, it is a waiting game. You must give Amazon time to respond. Sending in multiple emails will not get you anywhere.
Step 7: Send us an email when you get reinstated and get back to what you do best: running your business!