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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this get my Amazon Seller Account reinstated?

  • We have a 97% Success Rate with our Amazon Appeal Letters. We do our best to ensure the highest quality Appeal Letter to assist you in getting your account reinstated. 
  • Because of the nature of this business, we can not control the outcome. 

What if my account is not reinstated?

  • We will draft as many Amazon Appeal Letters as it takes to get you up and running. 
  • If you have attempted to Appeal your account prior to us sending, we will not be able to guarantee any success.
  • If you do not follow our instructions or send in an appeal that we do not draft or alter our letter we will not issue a refund. 

My Amazon Seller Account has been suspended. Can you evaluate my chances of success?

  • Yes! This is the first step to ensure we are a match. We have helped over 2,700 sellers get their accounts reinstated. We know what we are doing and we know what Amazon is looking for.

What happens if Amazon requests "more information"

  • We will provide them with the information they are requesting. We will do this until we get you reinstated. We only charge you once! 
  • What if I have already submitted an Appeal and it was rejected or they are asking me for a Plan of Action that addresses their concerns?
  • This is our specialty. We know how frustrating it can be when you do your best to get a Plan of Action in place and Amazon rejects it. We will go over your documentation and see where the mistakes are on your Amazon products or profile and correct them and get you up and running in no time! 

How long does it take?

  • The speed of our Amazon Appeal services depends on the level you paid for. We do our best to deliver before a deadline. We know that time is money. 
  • Amazon takes time to respond when it comes to cases like this. We can not control their response time. 
  • While we offer a turnaround of 72 hours, please note that this is not from the time of purchase, but rather from the time you get us all of the information pertinent toy our case. This includes, filling out the intake form, remote analysis of your account, any invoices, etc. We cannot craft an effective appeal until we have all of the information.

    Do you offer a refund of my account DOES get reinstated, but gets blocked again?

    • No. To put it plainly, you hire us to create an appeal that gets your account reinstated. Once you receive the reinstatement email from Amazon, that ends our contract. Amazon can re-suspend your account for a number of reasons
    • If a junior officer reinstates your account, but the internal algorithm flags it for review by a senior officer. If the senior officer does not agree with the junior officer's decision, they can re-suspend the account. This is entirely out of our control and not eligible for a refund.
    • If you continue to repeat the same mistakes and Amazon suspends you again for the same reason.
    • If you provide forged invoices to Amazon, which get you reinstated, but then you are re-suspended later because the internal team reviews your invoices and decides they are not authentic, this is not eligible for a refund. You understand the risk of providing inauthentic invoices to Amazon before sending them in.

      How long does Amazon take to respond?

      • We generally see a response within 2-4 working days. However, it is not uncommon for the response to take 1-3 weeks depending on the severity of the case.