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Amazon Appeal Suspension of Selling Privileges


We understand that time is money and every second your account is suspended, you're losing. Let us help you get back up and running! If you have questions, you can click the buttons to the bottom left to call or shoot us a message! We're happy to answer any questions you have! If you're ready to move forward...just click below to purchase the package that’s right for you and we'll get started right away! All packages include initial appeal and all follow-ups to Amazon until your account gets reinstated. Click here for more details about our money back guarantee.


Copyright Infringement Inauthentic IP Amazon Appeal Suspension of Selling PrivilegesPurchase Copyright Infringement Inauthentic IP Amazon Appeal Suspension Package

This package covers the following violations:
Intellectual Property Rights Claims, Copyright Infringement, Inauthentic Items, Final Appeal Chance, or if you have submitted multiple appeals and Amazon is still asking for more information.

 Policy Violation Amazon Appeal Letter Account ReinstatementAmazon Appeal Service Policy Violation Appeal Letter

This package covers the following violations:
Product safety complaints, Not As Described, Used Sold As New, Expired Items, Prohibited Items
Performance Notification Suspension Amazon Appeal Plan of Action
Performance Amazon Account Appeal Suspension of Seller Privileges
This package covers the following violations:
Order Defect Rate (ODR), Late Shipment Rate, Pre-fulfillment Cancellation Rate, Confirming Orders Before Shipment, Invalid Tracking

Amazon Suspended for Related Accounts Policy Violation

Related Accounts Amazon Suspension Appeal Letter and Plan of Action

Whether you purposely created a blackhat incognito seller account, created a new one after you were suspended, or simply did something that accidentally got you linked to another account like signing into your account while in the vicinity of another Amazon seller, we can help you get reinstated.

Once your Amazon account has been suspended, you frantically research how to get it back or how to open a new one. You can try to appeal the removal of selling privileges, but the Amazon appeals process keeps changing. And yes, while you can find an Amazon appeal template online, it will 100% get kicked back because Amazon has robots that crawl your appeals using a sophisticated algorithm and they DO NOT like templates.
When you receive the “account suspended” email, your first reaction will be to think that you have been suspended for no reason. But, in the eyes of Amazon, there’s ALWAYS a reason! And whether you want to think so or not, Amazon is not interested in your excuses, your "see what had happened was," or a lengthy diatribe. All they want is for you to own it (even if there's nothing to own) and tell them in detail how you'll fix the issues so they NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!

So what do you do now?

Take a deep breath. We're here to help you.

Our Amazon appeal service specialists have been sellers for a combined 15 years, are previous Amazon employees, and have ways of getting you through the appeal process fast!

100% Money Back Guarantee on all Amazon Appeal Services

We offer free consultations and happily give out Amazon appeal help and offer a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! After you place an order, we will schedule a remote session to analyze your account with you. Often times Amazon will suspend your account for one thing, but will want you to figure out the other issues in your account and address them before they will reinstate you. During this remote session, if we feel your account is too far gone (it’s rare but it happens), or there’s a less than 70% chance that your selling privileges will be restored, we will refund your money on the spot!

What Are you waiting for? Choose your package and let's get started!