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Amazon Appeal Packages - Policy? Performance? Copyright or Inauthentic?

This was me, the morning I opened my laptop to see that dreaded message from Amazon:

You've been suspended from selling on Amazon.

But why? What did I do? How did this happen? I reviewed my metrics. Looked all the reports and feedback and couldn't figure it out and Amazon was super vague about why they suspended me. I was totally lost without a clue as to where to start.



Maybe you were in the same boat and have been suspended but don't know why. Maybe, just maybe, you DO know what went wrong. Maybe you were doing something that skated the line or you flat out were trying to get around the system. That's just dastardly! But this is a judgement free zone and honestly - we've all tried to save money here or save time there. These things happen. So the question is...no matter what boat you're floating down the river in without a paddle...




What Now?

Well, you can try to submit an appeal yourself. In fact, go ahead - give it a try! We've even got a free resource to help you do just that!


For those of you who are not the DIY type or who don't want to mess around with the uncertainty of a back and forth email war with seller performance, we offer several ways to help you get your account reinstated quickly and affordably!


I know what you're thinking. You've probably done some research at this point and every single one of these Amazon appeal sites is confusing or promising the same thing. How do I know which company to choose or what package to pick? It's cool. We get it. We're kinda like Progressive Insurance... we're gonna show you the difference between our company and the others and let you decide! What's most important is that you get your account back up and running in record time so you can get back to earning! Ready? Let's go!

Have you been suspended for one or more of the following reasons?

  • ODR - Order defect rate - This needs to be less than 1% or the Amazon gods get very unhappy.
  • Late Shipment Rate - This needs to be kept below 4% or, well, you know. Wrath.
  • Negative Feedback - This one is relatively easy to avoid - especially since you can contest every negative review for a myriad of reasons, but sellers still get suspended for it.

These are all Performance violations and can usually be rectified within a matter of hours. Click below to be taken directly to the right package for your situation.


Have you been suspended for one or more of the following reasons?

  • Selling Prohibited Items
  • Selling Items for a Category You're Not Approved For
  • Opened a New Account After Being Suspended
  • Have Unauthorized Duplicate Accounts
  • Sold a Used Item as New
  • Sold Products That Were Not as Described

These are all examples of Policy Violations. Some of these can be tricky to resolve, but lucky for you, we have extensive experience in getting these types of suspensions reversed relatively quickly. Click below to order your appeal package for Policy Violations.


Have you been suspended for one or more of the following reasons?

  • Inauthentic - What does this even mean? Typically this comes when you're selling an item you got through retail arbitrage or via liquidation. It may be last year's model or have a different package design and is therefore viewed as Inauthentic. 
  • Rights Owner Complaint Notice - This is often associated with Copyright Infringement and can be a serious headache.
  • IP - Intellectual Property Violation - This focuses a lot around media. Recopied media, transferred media, promotional media, and Rights of Publicity (which is just a fancy way of saying - Don't put celebrities on your stuff as though they were promoting your product.
  • Counterfeit Items - Generic or private label products piggybacking on a legit brand or simply being sold as a brand.

These are the hardest cases of all, but we've got you! In fact, we've got over 10 years experience as Amazon sellers and have been helping other sellers get their accounts reinstated for nearly as long. These kinds of cases will take a little longer than a typical Performance or Policy Violation, but can still be done in a timely manner with great results! Click below to order your package and get back to crushing the competition!

 Now that you know, how about you arm yourself with the facts so this doesn't happen again. We've compiled a short guide to what could get you suspended so you can avoid this situation in the future. Go ahead, download it now! Theres no excuse not to and no reason to get suspended again!