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How Much Money Do You Need To Start An Amazon FBA Business?

December 22, 2017

Would you like to build an Amazon FBA business but are not sure if you have sufficient funds? Fret not because you won’t need a hefty amount of money. Here’s how you can get started with $500.

What do you need?

What’s great about doing business on Amazon is that you don’t have to depend on money as an investment. You don’t even need to pay for expensive franchise fees, kits or build complicated websites.

Instead, you need to invest in these three important things to start with:

Inventory, inventory, inventory

This refers to the products you’ll sell on Amazon. It serves as the foundation of your business and the amount of your potential revenue.  It’s best to recommend to start with around $500 which you may use to buy inventory. With this, you won’t need to worry much about running out of stock as well as you can expect results right away.

In purchasing inventory, always use the FBA Calculator or the Amazon Seller App to ensure that the products are lucrative.

Supplies and Tools

While you can proceed with your Amazon business with no suppliers or tools, but you still need to get these tools with you:

  • Computer. It will help you work in your seller account.
  • Scanning App. Don’t worry, you can download Amazon Seller App without spending anything.
  • Smartphone. Anytime, anywhere you can employ this in looking up products.
  • Shipping labels. These are utilized for sending the items to the Amazon.
  • Printer. For printing your box shipping labels as well as product labels, printer is a great help.
  • Boxes. The truth is, you don’t need to procure new ones. Just make sure that they’re clean. You may even get free boxes from nearby grocery stores.
  • Avery Address Label. They are designed specifically for labeling purposes, which enables Amazon to recognize what’s yours.
  • Scale. You can just pull out your bathroom scale and weigh those boxes you’ll send to Amazon.
  • Shipping Tape. To fully close your products, be sure to have a stock of shipping tapes.


A training course is an optional thing if you’d like to start an Amazon business. However, if you don’t enough knowledge on the field, this is highly suggested.  The Amazon Boot Camp is a good video course which will teach you everything you need to know about the business, specifically in generating sales.

Although you can allot time to get the most of the free information from Google, Youtube, and blogs, are you willing to spend time in searching information from several sources? Most successful Amazon seller suggests finding someone who has proven track record and then follows his/her tricks.

The good thing about Amazon FBA Business is that getting it off the ground is not difficult as it seems. The difficult part here is, seeking ways to expand your FBA business. Use every resource available and make every process systematic as you go.

Above all, make sure you educate yourself on all of Amazon's policies and guidelines regarding sourcing, listing, and shipping. If your metrics don't meet or exceed the minimum guidelines, your account will get suspended. If you do, we're here to help.