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What To Do And Not To Do If Your Amazon Account Got Suspended

February 02, 2018

Come to think of it, you worked for several months just to lay your foundation and expand your Amazon business. In fact, you’ve given 100% in all aspects such as sourcing, product research and even importing. At last, your sales are increasing. You even got the Best Seller Rank. Then you received an email from Amazon telling you that your account has been suspended. Now what?

An Amazon account suspension is not a laughing matter. It can damage you and your business big time. Although the platform does provide you the chance to appeal, it can be daunting and stressful to obtain your reinstatement.

What To Do Then?

Do you feel lost because of your suspended account? Don’t be. Here’s what you need to do:

Identify the reason why your selling privileges were eliminated.

Once you got the suspension notice, look for the details of the reason why your selling privileges have been canceled.

Assess your selling practices:

  1. Evaluate the way you sell.
  2. Inspect and analyze your account health.
  3. Determine whether you violated any policies or not.
  4. Recognize how you can address the issue.

Make an action plan

Be aware that the key consideration is when A-Z claims or disputes emerge, the platform will technically side with the customer. By that, you need to draft a good action plan which addresses the problem from the customer-centric point of view of Amazon.

Send your appeal coupled with your plan of action

You can send thru Seller Central which is located under Performance Notification. Look for the notice you’ve got regarding the removal of your selling privileges. Press the ‘Appeal’ button.  Don’t forget to follow up via phone call.

Don’t just sit around. Investigate!

Are you familiar with bogus companies who are filing IP complaints versus sellers? If yes and you figure out that this occurred to you, get ready to prove it. Once a bogus seller is truly behind those complaints, expect no reply to your request to explain this matter. However, you will be still required to make Amazon believe that you haven’t violated any of their rules.

To represent your case and prove if these are really private label products, choose from one of the options:

  • Indicate that UPCs you purchased right from GS1 build that these products do belongs to you as a brand
  • Prove to the Amazon that these products are registered officially under your names such as logo, patent registration number, and trademark
  • Point out to them your selling history on these products on your brick-and-mortar shops, website as well as other platforms.
  • Mention that you even sign the brand for the Amazon Brand Registry

At this time, Amazon’s suspension is increasing at a mind-blowing rate. Don’t be a victim anymore. Don’t let Amazon inauthentic complaint damage and take away your hard-earned reputation in the platform. Hence, when you are behind your documentation or in some instances, can’t run after some supplier of old invoices, it would be best to take a break. It doesn’t mean to quit as an Amazon seller. You just need to stop selling until your problem is already dealt with.