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What Not To Sell On Amazon?

November 13, 2017

Before you decide to register on Amazon and start adding your product listings, it’s imperative to be aware of what to sell and what’s not to avoid underlying issues. As you may know, Amazon implements restrictions and requirements for certain product categories that sellers need to conform to. Failure to comply with this condition may result in the rejection and return of inventory and blocking of shipments, even losing your selling privileges.

Hindu God Leggings

In the midst of leggings craze last 2014, Amazon didn’t hesitate to stop Yizzam, a 3rd party company from selling pairs which featured Hindu goddesses and gods. Rajan Zed, the President of the Universal Society of Hinduism decided to file a complaint as well as insisted for the elimination of 11 designs.  He explained that Hindu god and goddesses should be worshipped in home shrines or temples and not to be worn around crotch, hips, and legs.


If you’re planning to sell Buckyballs in Amazon, better pull it off immediately. It has been known that the Consumer Product Safety Commission took legal action that manufactured Buckycubes and Buckyball, that are utilized to construct tiny geometric shapes. Moreover, the CSPC mentioned that these toys pose a health hazard for small kids. Additionally, the product warnings in the item aren’t enough.

Also, there were plenty of incidents in which older kids ingested accidentally the small magnets. Along with other platforms, Amazon agreed not to allow this toy any longer. After two years of battling inside the court, Buckyballs was banned and at the same time recalled.

Offensive video games

While you can buy everything on Amazon, it won’t still tolerate obscenity in the marketplace. Just say for instance last 2006, Illusion Soft (a gaming company) launched a pornographic video game known as Rapeplay, which enables the player to assault sexually the women in different environments and scenarios.

The said game was initially sold in Japan. After that, it reemerged during 2009 in the platform. Due to lots of negative criticism and complaint from the Member of Parliament, the platform eliminated it from the site.

Shark, whale and dolphin meat

Way back in 2012, Change.org pursued a petition with more than 200,000 signatures resulting to the removal of shark, dolphin as well as whale meat from the Japanese site of the Amazon. These products belong now on the permanent list of restricted products together with bear bile, livestock, and furs from endangered animals.

Foie Gras

It won’t help to try your luck applying this product. Amazon won’t let you. It has been reported that Viva, an animal rights group commenced a campaign in order to let Amazon UK cease selling a French delicacy. According to the representative of the organization, this product is generally derived from imprisoned birds in small cages where they can’t move. A pipe will force down their throats and feed them forcedly feed them until their livers become bigger almost ten times the average size. Fortunately, Amazon UK approved this petition and removed more than 100 products that contain the foods last 2013.

Without a doubt, Amazon accounts for almost half of online sales all over the United States and even the whole world. Thus, if you want to become lucrative in this platform and avoid wasting your time, money and effort, don’t sell the aforementioned products.