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What is Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime?

February 07, 2018

Did you know that aside from FBA and MFN/FBM, you can also go for Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime (also known as Amazon SFP) as your fulfillment option? In other words, Amazon SFP lets seller pop out the Prime badge on the listings they are actually fulfilling from their facilities.

But still, Amazon SFP needs to follow the stringent shipping standards and requirements of Amazon Prime.  However, how can you say that it is a great option for you and your products? This article will tell you everything you need to about Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime.

Brief history of Amazon SFP

To give you an overview, Seller Fulfilled Prime program was introduced to the world last 2015. This program gave permission to eligible sellers which have Professional Selling accounts to show their Prime badge, specifically on orders fulfilled either through third-party logistics providers or their own warehouses.

Once sellers participated in Seller Fulfilled Prime, they don’t to depend heavily on FBA just to avail the Prime status. More importantly, shifting to SFP can significantly help your listings whether you’re utilizing FBM/MFN, FBA or even both.

The eligibility for Seller Fulfilled Prime status

In some ways, Seller Fulfilled Prime has a great impact on increasing sales. The thing here is, not every seller is eligible for this status. It is only exclusive for those who were able to pass the trial period of fulfilling Prime orders prior to obtaining the logo.

First and foremost, you must have a professional account to be qualified for the Premium Shipping of Amazon. To keep you worthy of Seller Fulfilled Prime, you should always be fit for the program. The requirements for this program are as follows:

  • Not more than 1.5 % of cancellation rate for Premium Shipping orders
  • A minimum of 92% of on-time delivery rate for Premium Shipping orders
  • A minimum of 94% of the Premium Shipping orders with one valid tracking ID

Benefits of Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime

Here’s why you need to consider Amazon SFP:

  • Get rid FBA handling and shipping fees
  • Keep away from long-term FBA inventory storage cost
  • Cease split FBA shipments because of Distributed Inventory Placement
  • Have an access to the huge number of members to increase sales
  • Get control over refund and return collection
  • Generate more profits on heavy and bulky products
  • Sell products which are not qualified for FBA

Drawback of Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime

While SFP can beneficial for sellers who have specific products and own an infrastructure, but you should know that it needs you to keep eligibility to be in the program. Other than that, SFP has no other cons once you know how to use it strategically.

So, what are you waiting now? Enroll now in Seller Prime through the trial. It will let you fulfill 200 Prime orders.  As soon as you’re done with the trial, automatically you will be enrolled in the program. To lessen your burden, utilize tools like Amazon’s FBA Revenue Calculator. This tool can assist you in comparing the fees of FBA to your fulfillment expenses. That’s the only time you can say if Seller Fulfilled Prime is good for you or not.