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Understanding Suspension Insurance To Protect Your Amazon Business

January 31, 2018

Nothing’s worst for an FBA seller than to receive an email which states that their Amazon selling privileges have been eliminated. It is a horrible news, especially for anyone who has been selling on the platform for a longer time. What will happen next then? Seller’s sales will be put to an end and all payments will be put on hold. It may take weeks or worse, months to get reinstated.

On the top of that, the expenses like wages, loans, rent etc. will keep on increasing within your suspension period.

Here’s the thing. Account suspension isn’t a new occurrence any more. According to the reports, it is one of the major concerns as roughly 60% of sellers complain about it. Some of them were suspended due to their failure to comply with the performance metrics set by Amazon. Others were banned because of quality issues. Few were brought down since they are using underhand tactics.

While various Amazon suspension consultants provide tricks to aid sellers in getting reinstatement, however, it is still a complicated process. In fact, there is no guarantee that you can free yourself from the suspension.

Here’s the solution!

Finally, last March 2017, Amazon suspension insurance was released! This newly-launched insurance can save expenses and lost sales although you’re suspended. Not only that, it also addresses serious damage caused by the suspension.

It has been documented that AshlinHadden Insurance made the suspension policy to help e-commerce sellers from different platforms. They will assist them to pay the lost profit once the seller is suspended. Known as the Lloyds of London policy, it is quite affordable. What’s the policy about? It is a 90-day aggregate. Every seller can be eligible for either $250,000, $500,000, or one million dollar coverage.

How does it work?

As soon you receive an email from Amazon telling you that your account was already suspended, contact right away the 1800 number, just like when you’re claiming for your commercial or home insurance policy.   An account reinstatement specialist will talk to you then. Say, for instance, you have been suspended before and now you need help. The specialist will make you unsuspended within 120 hours. You have to sign a contract with them which indicate the fees or conditions. 

Pay the fees indicated on the fine print. Keep the receipts properly stating that you paid since you’ll be reimbursed for not exceeding to $500. Once they never get your account out from suspension in the first 120 hours, the insurance will begin paying for your loss of income right from the first day of suspension. It is mainly the coverage for your payroll, bills, storage fees, internet bills and many more.

However, be aware that it will not cover lost sales directly. But if you are actually taking these sales out from the owner’s draw, it will be covered then.

This is for everybody! Suspension insurance isn’t just for your Amazon business. It is for your protection as the business owner. It can surely help get the reinstatement as soon as possible.