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Top 7 Trending Products to Sell on Amazon In 2018

January 29, 2018

Millions of people are excited to know the “next big thing” on Amazon this 2018. The year has just started but the competition among sellers is up to the peak level. With millions of products being added to the site year after year, only a few have dominated and taken the lead.

Whether you are a manufacturer or a small retailer, knowing the best-selling and trending products this 2018 is a sure win. Get ready as we give you the top 7 trending products on the list.

Smart backpacks

Thinking of what to sell on Amazon this 2018? Why not try Smart backpacks. Your gadgets are always on the go with this techy bag, giving travelers a portable charging station on their back.  You can charge your phone, tablet and all other gadgets through its USB connections.

Ear Wax Removal Kits

Cotton swab for ear cleaning? Not anymore! With the advancement of technology, manufacturers are able to produce modern ear wax removal kit. Since 2016, it showed consistent popularity in the market making it one of the best-selling hygiene products on Amazon. Its huge demand can be a great investment for you.

Portable 3D Printers (MINI)

A new trend in 3D printing has risen with portable 3D mini printers. For those who thought that 3D printing is already dead, they are wrong. The evolution of 3D printers allowed users and even start-ups to make the most of their printing projects anytime and anywhere.

Fidget Toys

Have you played the fidget spinner? Well, there are more of them to come as fidget toys are expected to succeed on Amazon this year. Trending and phenomenal, fidget toys offer high possibilities of becoming one of the viral products not only on Amazon but to other online stores as well. Just make sure to check Amazon's prohibited list as some of these have found their way onto it because of faulty manufacturing.

Wearable technology

Another rising trendy product which was covered on the famous series known as The Apprentice is wearables. Right now, the demand and market for wearable technology is dramatically increasing. It has been drawing attention of several firms such as Ralph Lauren which just launched recently a biometric smart T-shirt.


For the past few years, drones are becoming more popular. While there are lots of restrictions in flying them, its market will keep on increasing for the upcoming years. In fact, they are not just for recreations nowadays.  They are being utilized as well for photography.

Smartphone accessories

These accessories don’t refer to plastic and cheap smartphone case you usually see in malls. Due to the introduction of mid-range and flagship phones, phone accessories’ market remains trendy.  But the thing here is, rather than wasting your bucks, effort, and time buying cheap imitations, it would be a wise decision to find a credible accessory manufacturer. Accessories range from Bluetooth-based products, LED-backed phone cases as well as unbranded and wireless earbuds.

Get ahead of the trend this 2018! Pick any of these trending products to sell from one of the leading online stores worldwide.