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Things to Remember When Writing Your Appeal For Your Amazon Suspension

January 26, 2018

Amazon account got suspended? Are you thinking of writing an appeal? Perfect! Here’s how to make one, but first here are some important pointers to remember before putting your fingers on the keyboard.

Describe the issue

What caused you to write the complaint? Specify your issue and give some background. If there is more than one issue, then specify each. Give thick detailed data and remember to use the keyword: root cause in this  part of your appeal.

Explain each steps taken to solve the issue

After suspension, you might have taken some actions to regain your account. Now, you need to be particular with those steps. Remember every single method you did because it’s exactly what you’re going to write on the appeal.

Offer solutions (preventive plan of action)

To ensure the problem won’t happen again, give realistic solutions. Although, you’re not 100% sure that they will work, at least you’ve given potential resolutions.

Take ownership! Provide reasons why you should not be suspended

Surely, your membership on Amazon offers tons of benefits to them, so own it! Mention in your letter how your suspension can affect potential revenue for both parties. Each day, you’re losing prospective clients with your suspension. But, it’s not only you but also them.

Put as many details as you can

Various appeals fail due to lack of data. Say for instance, you may state We made sure that our customers are contented through giving a replacement product or refund.

This is not enough. Amazon would like to see a more comprehensive appeal. You can instead say Out of 300 Amazon customers, 175 of them chose to have a refund. Such refund will be then credited to these affected customer’s accounts in just 7 business days. On the other hand, 124 prefer to have a replacement with an average arrival time of 5 business days.

You should know and understand that details are way better than mere general statements. They can prove the procedure you are actually taking to resolve the problem, help customers and create specific preventative measures.

Be transparent! Go back to your performance metrics

Know the reasons of your suspension by getting some insights from Amazon’s Seller Performance Team Suspension. One of the most common reasons of account suspension in Amazon is due to policy violations (performance metrics). If you have violated any of the agreements or policies and received a warning but still violated them, then you’re more likely to be suspended.

Wrap it up

Don’t forget to add an overall summary of all the actions you’ve taken (as well as you need to take) to make sure this issue won’t occur anymore with your account. You need to include a call to action. How? Simply write a brief and accurate sentence requesting for the reinstatement of your seller account.

Although some suspensions on Amazon are out of your control, you still have to take full responsibility of the problem. Another thing, DO NOT point fingers! It’s your problem so own the solution. Hopefully, through these tips, you can reinstate your Amazon seller account and get back on track again.