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The Horror of ASIN Disqualifiers

October 05, 2017

There are several reasons your ASINs could not be showing up in Amazon after they are listed. This means you are not getting any sales because you are not being seen. So what can you do? Well, let’s first look at why your inventory is broken and then, how to fix it.

Blocked ASINs

This often happens when you have complaints of inauthenticity or Order Defect Rate.

Quality Alert ASINs

This is often a warning. When you start having issues of Order Defect Rate or complaints of not as described.

Suppressed ASINs

There are a few reasons your ASIN can be suppressed.

  • Improper Listing
    • Main picture not on a white background or has text on it
    • Condition listed in the title
  • Your product is on the Restricted Products List
  • Invalid UPC code
    • This is easy to spot. Pull up your ASIN. If there’s an exclamation point in front of the UPC code, this is the issue. Simply attach a new UPC code.
  • ASIN changes
    • Maybe someone else has made changes to the information in your listing. This can cause it to be recategorized or become a child of a different parent ASIN. You’ll have to do a little research here and figure out the root cause to unravel this one.
  • Sometimes Amazon is wrong
    • Occasionally there are glitches in the system that can cause your ASIN to become suppressed. Delete the item from your inventory and re-upload it. If it is still suppressed after this, you will need to open up a case in Seller Support to get more information.

To prevent your listing from becoming blocked or suppressed, be careful and pay attention.

  • Pay close attention when creating your listings to make sure all details are correct and your pictures fall within Amazon’s guidelines.
  • Monitor your listings weekly to make sure no changes have been made.
  • Review your reports and feedback weekly and stay on top of returns and A-Z Claims and try to resolve all issues before Amazon has to step in.

If you find your ASINs have become suppressed and you just can’t get them reinstated, we can help get you back to selling. Don’t wait. Contact us today to get your ASINs reinstated.