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Reasons Why Your Product Has Been Denied On Amazon

November 10, 2017

Undeniably, listing your products for sale on Amazon is a profitable way of marketing online. However, rejection is inevitable here, especially if you fail to comply with the standards. Reasons for denied product application on Amazon may include:

Amazon Thinks That Your Product Is Not Handmade.

The entire application is fairly simple. Aside from multiple choice questions and basic information regarding your production practices, you should define your production procedures thoroughly and give high quality of photos of the finished products. As much as possible, take your time creating your application. Be sure to submit beyond compare product photos. Do it properly the first time or else, Amazon will view as fake handmade products and eventually, are denied.

If that’s the case, you need to reapply. Take pictures of what you actually do during each step such as cleaning the mug, smearing epoxy, beautifying in your studio etc.

There Are Trademark Issues

If you weren’t familiar about trademarks, these are symbols, phrases or other devices which tells the ownership of a service or product. Oftentimes, it signifies as a mark of quality. It has been documented that federal law administrates trademark. They are being described specifically in section 32 (1) of the Lanham Act. For Amazon sellers out there, trademark infringement happens once Amazon 3rd party seller utilizes improper and unauthorized business names similar or identical to that utilized by another seller.

Thus, to avoid further damage into your future venture as well as other affected business due to trademark infringement more often than not rejects your product.

Missing Permission on A Category

You could sell lots of product categories under Amazon marketplace. A number of sellers opt to specialize in one or even two. Others choose to spread their inventory through the different categories. Having said that, you should know that some of the categories are known to be gated or restricted. It simply denotes that you require asking Amazon for their permission to market products that fall under that category. If not, your products will be denied.

Most of the restricted sets are gated since the products are specifically vulnerable to faking. By that, Amazon desires to safeguard its reputation and customers. If possible, prove that you are purchasing products from legitimate sources and follow the guideline of the Amazon so you can unlock these possible moneymaking categories.

Patience Is A Virtue

The process of getting the approval of Amazon for your products especially for restricted categories can be annoying and frustrating. There are instances that Amazon will heartlessly reject your product and wouldn’t provide any valid reasons why they’ve done so. Sometimes, they respond with reasons which do not make sense at all. It is crucial to understand that it is part of the process. Do whatever you can do and make it easier for Amazon to approve your application. It’s all worth it in the end.

Don’t be afraid to review everything before reapplying to ensure that you’re meeting its strict standards. Given that you avoid the above-mentioned reasons for rejection of your products, rest assured you’ll soon know how it feels to be approved!