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Popular Repricing Tools vs Amazon Repricing Tools - A Straightforward Comparison

November 08, 2017

The rise of Amazon as the main online shopping site has greatly influenced the use of internet. In the same way, it also affected the development of online business tools, including those that are used in repricing items sold over the web.

There are now a lot of selections to choose from when it comes to repricing tools. Most people trust Amazon repricing tools than the more popular ones, simply because Amazon has become such a reputable brand in the ecommerce industry.

Repricing tools make your job easy because prices are changed real time based on algorithms and trends. To make sure your items don’t get ignored due to ridiculously low or high prices, these tools would be your perfect e-commerce ally.

Exploring each tool’s pros and cons might help businesses decide better on which tool best fits their needs and preferences. Now, it is also important to note that most repricing tools put there offer Amazon support because of how widely-used the platform is. Even so, offering Amazon support does not make it an Amazon repricing tool in an instant.

Popular Repricing Tools


  • One of the most popular ones, what sets it apart from all the rest is that it is SaaS-based. It combines competition analysis with repricing, which allows your items to be at par with your closest rivals in the market.
  • Its large database makes it a great tool for any type of business. Because of its large scope, it is able to gather and compare data from over a billion products and 130,000 brands.


  • Competera is a high rated repricing tool which takes pride in repricing your items accurately and without any error. You save time and find comfort in knowing your prices are always priced correctly.
  • It also tracks your competitors’ prices and stocks, so you can always know what’s missing in your inventory. Using Competera gives you an edge against your competitors because it feeds you critical information to be able to keep up.

Amazon Repricing Tools


  • This software package remains to be the leading Amazon repricing tool, mainly because of its advanced algorithms that makes it a great tool if you want to be way ahead of the competition.
  • It allows you to have your items priced perfectly, not too low yet not too high, which would later translate to sales.


  • Like Appleagle, XSellCo’s edge remains to be its algorithms. It uses only the best tools, which gives you the best software to keep your products priced right every time.
  • Not only is it able to support real time repricing, XSellCo also does net-margin repricing. The tool also allows you to customize your own repricing rules.

Choosing the right repricing platform is a challenge because of the many options you have out there. The best thing about having a lot to choose from is that most of them offers free trials, so you get a feel before actually paying. Understanding what you need is the key to knowing which one fits you and your business—whether or not it is from Amazon, as long as it supports the platform you’re in.