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Must-Have Tools and Software for Amazon Sellers

January 03, 2018

Are you an Amazon seller but the results have not as great as you expected? The use of some tools and software may help. Here are some of the must-haves for all Amazon sellers.

Amazon Seller App

Free - iOS and Android

This app allows Amazon sellers to manage their business on their smartphone, anytime and anywhere. Though its use, they can respond to the queries of their customers and accept orders 24/7. It is also useful in managing inventory and analyzing sales.

Through it, you can check the amount of your next disbursement so you can make an informed cash flow decision while on the go.  Not only that, you may also view and check your orders, FBA shipment status, and hazmat items as well as other selling restriction while traveling.

AMZ Insight

$49 - $149/mo

AMZ Insight is a platform that allows Amazon sellers to perform keyword and product searches. It also comes with a feature that tracks reviews and ratings, which is essential in attaining success in this field. For the first time Amazon sellers, this platform is also useful in formulating pricing strategies.

In addition to that, it also provides Super URL feature which is specially tailored to aid you to get the most from the quality traffic which you’re sending to your product listing on Amazon. Don’t hesitate to integrate keywords into the Super URL by means of keyword ideas generator and improve your ranking for this keyword.  Take note that you could easily track every confidential data of traffic right from this Super URL.

Solid Commerce

Starting at $399/mo

Solid Commerce was created to help Amazon sellers increase their visibility on Amazon. Sellers can use it to update their live listings and adjust their pricing so that they can gain a competitive advantage in the industry. This tool can also be used for inventory and variation listings management.

Profitability Calculator


Through the profitability calculator, Amazon sellers can immediately acquire an insight on the profit that they would be gaining or losing from selling their products. Hence, it will allow them to find the best price for their products.



Apart from selling products, Amazon sellers should also give importance on their sales tax obligations. To ensure the collections and remittance of correct sales tax, they can use AvalaraTrustFile. It makes sales tax filing much simpler.

Feedback Five

Free - $60/mo for Feedback Management Plans

Believe it or not, almost 90% of Amazon consumers don’t spend time in leaving rate or feedback after they bought something from the platform. Aside from that, plenty of them heavily depend on customer feedback while creating buying decisions.

Through the help of Feedback Five, sellers can reach and connect with these customers so they can request for reviews, evaluate negative feedback as well as politely ask for negative review removal from them. Apart from that, they can also support a plethora of different marketplaces. As a matter of fact, they may also run lots of email campaigns, allowing sellers gain better reviews and ratings. 

Some of these tools and software are offered for free while some are paid. Nevertheless, the benefits that they offer are more than its cost. Also, some have a free trial to help Amazon sellers decide whether it is the right one for them or not. So, you might as well consider using them.