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Most Common Reasons For Suspension

May 17, 2017

Oh no! You’ve gotten the dreaded email from Amazon and you are losing your mind right now.

“We’re sorry, but your selling privileges have been suspended. You may submit an appeal.”

I’m sure you have no idea what went wrong - or maybe you know exactly what you did. Either way, time is money and you’re losing it every second you’re suspended. You’re not alone. In fact, Amazon can be trigger happy when it comes to suspensions and, while this aids in stopping counterfeiters and con artists, more often than not, innocent sellers get caught in the crosshairs. Most can get their accounts reinstated within a couple of hours or a couple of days. Some are suspended several times and Amazon still reinstates them. This, sadly, points to how flawed the system truly is and hopefully will show Amazon what needs to be worked on in the future. Here’s a breakdown of suspensions:

First Suspension            75% of sellers

Second Suspension       10% of sellers

Third Suspension             9% of seller

Fourth Suspension           6% of sellers

So what are some of the most common reasons for a suspension?

  1. Inauthentic
  2. Selling Prohibited Items
  3. Negative Feedback
  4. Opening a New Account after Being Suspended
  5. Rights Owner Notice Complaint
  6. Selling Counterfeit Items
  7. Duplicate Accounts
  8. Late Shipment Rate
  9. Used Item Sold As New
  10. Not as Advertised/Wrong Item

Many companies who deal with suspensions and reinstatements will tell you that all of this can easily be avoided if the Seller would just read the Policies and Terms of Service. This simply is just not true. The reality is, many people pick certain “reasons for returning” products that are not true just so they don’t have to pay for return shipping. This ultimately hurts the sellers metrics and puts them at risk for suspension.

So, now that the clock is ticking and your account has been suspended, how long can you expect to be out of the game and losing money? With our help, average times for account reinstatement are as follows:

Under 24 hours             10%

25-48 hours                   20%

3-4 days                         35%

5+ days                          30%

No reinstatement             5%

If you are an Amazon Seller who has been suspended we can help you get reinstated, the first step is to get in touch. Chat with us Live on our site, email us through the site, or give us a call 24/7 at 323-369-8921.