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Incentivized Reviews

October 03, 2017

Incentivized reviews used to be a great way to launch a product and get seen on Amazon quickly. There are a plethora of websites and services that cater to this. How does it work? Basically you offer up your new product at a fraction of the retail price in exchange for an honest review on Amazon. You get tons of sales right off the bat and get those coveted reviews that skyrocket the visibility of your product. Solid launch strategy right? It was, until Amazon changed its Terms of Service and made this strategy illegal.

But there are still tons of websites out there offering these services!

Yeah, we know. We used to love using services like JumpSend, Tomoson, SnagShout, and iLoveToReview. These companies have now rebranded themselves to include other features now like email automation to follow up on purchases and other Amazon seller tools. They’re still offering cheap Amazon products as a means to launch, but now not requiring a review. There are still many Amazon sellers using this strategy to launch and increase sales, but many are getting caught. We have had a spike recently in suspensions for review manipulation.

Don’t get caught in this net. There ARE other ways to get to the top of the page without risking your selling privileges.

Optimize Your Listing

  • Use tools like the free Keyword Tool Dominator to research and build a list of nice keywords. Then create your bullet points and content to include these.
  • Don’t forget to really fill out all the back end areas of the listing with keywords and phrases

Optimize Your Photos

  • If you don’t have high end professional photos, it will affect your sales.
  • Hire a pro to take your product pics. You’ll have to send them one of your products, but it’s worth it to boost your sales. Check out Fiverr for tons of people offering this service for cheap!


    • Use the keywords you generated during research to launch PPC campaigns on Amazon.
    • You’re likely to break even the first month or so, but it will be beneficial and you will leapfrog past the competitors to Page 1 or 2 very quickly.

      As always, we’re here to help with product set up and launch, account monitoring, and of course, suspensions!