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Importance of Category Approval Before Listing Any Items on Amazon

January 22, 2018

Just so you know, some products on Amazon require approval. Category approval is the main requirement as these products for posting are sorted into several categories. But, getting approval is not as easy as you think. Various restrictions need to be observed for you to get the most of every offer from the store.

Is category approval on Amazon really necessary? Definitely! Sellers, check out these pointers as to why you need to have your product approved.

For authentication

With millions of products posted on Amazon, chances are your product may be alike to other sellers. You need the approval even if you think that the product is originally made. Once you’re granted, only then you can sell your product. Amazon strictly manages each product for category listing and quality control purposes.

But if you are not aware that the products you’re selling need approval and are currently suspended, you have to draft and send a Plan Of Action (Amazon suspended sellers). The Plan of Action you need to create must have all the certification for your specific category. Submit these papers along with a thorough, brief, and convincing Plan of Action. It should explain the ways on how you will improve your business in order to prevent this problem in the near future.

In addition to that, don’t forget to send the right documentation through email when you’re utilizing the live Amazon Appeal feature.  When Amazon receives your Plan of Action together with the right set of supporting documentation, the platform will them reinstate your suspended account. When they ask for additional information, make sure to act on it as soon as possible.

For investment protection

Sad to say, there are sellers who have invested their money and time to several products only to know that they need category approval. Some of those products that have been shipped to Amazon that were not approved are automatically not eligible for posting. Hence, you have to check first and have your products validated before investing. Your money and time will only be put to waste!

In some instances, main category approval might not fully ungate you! Few subcategories within Topicals and Ingestibles need more approval. Thus, you need to consider this prior to buying products you plan to sell under these categories.

For formality (policy order)

Routinely checking for policy updates is an act of a responsible Amazon seller. Anytime, policies may change, so see to it that you stay updated on the latest update on Amazon. Going through the process of category approval is a preventive measure for every seller to avoid a lawsuit and other possible problems.

Category approval is only one of Amazon’s gating programs to screen every single product from sellers. Hence, you can expect for more policy changes in the coming days as their platform undergoes a never-ending change.

What’s next?

When you get the approval you’ve been yearning for, you need to move forward. It is time to make sure that your prices and products are competitive which will compete with other sellers on the marketplace.