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How To Research Profitable Products To Sell On Amazon

January 19, 2018

To be a successful seller on Amazon, the first thing that you need to do is to research for profitable products to sell on the said platform. After all, it is a fact that the competition is becoming fiercer and fiercer these days. So, how can you find products that can provide you the most profit? This guide will teach you how.

Consider looking for evergreen products

By evergreen products, we mean products that are not holiday specific or seasonal. These are the kind of products that you can sell all year round, ensuring that you can gain profits at any time of the year.

Opt for easy to ship products

It would be best for you to look for products that are lightweight (probably about 2-3 lbs.) and does not consume a lot of space for they are much easier to ship like for example, shirts and scarves. You can save some money from the shipping cost as well. 

Search for products that do not easily break

As an Amazon seller, it is very important to ensure that the product would be delivered safely and in good condition to your customers. So, search for durable products that do not easily break, especially during the shipping process for if ever it gets damaged, then you would need to have it replaced, which means loss of profit on your part.

Find out what products can provide your customers options

There is a need for you to know that the more options you offer to your customers, the more they would love buying from you. So, find the products that can provide your customers great options, be it involved the color, design, print, etc.

Target people of all ages and genders

Instead of just focusing on finding products that only specific customer group can use, find products that target people of all ages and genders to ensure maximum profitability. It can be a product that solves the problem that most people have today or anything that can appeal to everyone.

Check out the customer ratings

By checking out the customer ratings, you would be able to determine what kind of products are currently hot and what is not. For sure, there would be a lot of competition but keep in mind also that the demand for such products is high.

Know the number of keyword searches made on the product

There is no better way for you to determine whether a certain product that you have in mind is profitable or not than knowing the number of keyword searches made on the product. The more keyword searches made, the better. Also, know what keywords your customers are using when searching for such products and make sure to use that keyword in your product title and description.

Of course, it is also very important to ensure that the quality of the products you are offering to your customers are of a superior level than the ones being offered by your competitors. That way, people would choose to buy from you again and again.