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How To Protect Your Amazon Listing From Other Sellers

December 29, 2017

Are you sure that your Amazon listing is safe and secured from any unauthorized sellers?

Amazon keeps on growing its community. As more sellers join the platform, the more aggressive and harsh the competition becomes. So, when your business is not unique from the competition, it won’t thrive in the long run.

What’s more alarming is, when you’re depending from the platform as your primary sales channel, you have to be alert against the different dangers of selling here along with the fact that your account could be exposed from illegal sellers. These sellers try to sell knock-off types of your products.

While there’s no way that you can stop them, but there are ways to discourage them. Take time reading the following things you can do to combat hijackers:

Have everything documented

To start with, take screenshots of your Amazon listing page including everything you have. Although you couldn’t send this to Amazon when your entire listing was hijacked, it significantly helps to document them just in case.

Aside from that, it’s also important to document the browse node you typically acquire once you upload your flat file into the platform. If you are not familiar with this thing, it’s a numerical ID which aids Amazon in organizing their items for sale.  Every node embodies a collection of items available. Take note that they are not the items themselves. This browse node makes it more convenient for the marketplace to restore your product listing when it’s necessary.

Watermark your pictures

Watermarking your pictures is technically a violation of Amazon’s term of service. However, this does help your photos from being stolen and utilized in the fake listings of other people. Do this trick but be ready. Eventually, Amazon may request you to delete or replace all your watermarked photos on your listing. But you can protect yourself in the meantime and use this in appealing your case if you get suspended.

Sign up for the Amazon Brand Registry

In case you weren’t aware, Brand Registry is one of Amazon’s programs you can use if you are an OEM or the manufacturer. Participating here will guarantee that other sellers out there couldn’t easily modify your product detail page.

If you want to make sure that your product page was represented correctly, this can do the trick. However, it won’t stop other sellers from listing your items. Additionally, it certifies you as well as the brand owner that further provides you a plethora of tools like:

  • It lets you not to utilize UPCs when listing your products
  • The ‘content contribution’ you’ve provided will be more important than other sellers in the marketplace. This includes the keywords, the copy as well as other content in the product listing you submitted which will predominate any content from other sellers.

It takes lots of time and effort to handle your brand on Amazon, specially staving off unlawful sellers who impact your key relationship and brand positioning. However, keep in mind that the meticulousness needed to properly monitor your brand on the platform could also present the best ever opportunity known as increased revenue.