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Expert Tips On How To Make Sure You’ll Never Get Suspended On Amazon

January 17, 2018

Did you know that Amazon seller has the privilege accessing more than 151 million individuals who are hunting for products monthly? But in return, they need to obey every rule. Although the marketplace accounts for over 50% of overall e-commerce sales, Amazon still prioritizes their customer through content regulation and strict quality.

It can and won’t hesitate to suspend your seller account once you break any of their regulations intentionally or unintentionally. So what do you need to do to avoid getting the suspension? Fret not we’ve got expert-approved tips.

Go beyond the expectation.

Performance is a crucial metric in Amazon and they require you to follow their standard. If not, they will automatically give a letter of suspension. Thus, it is important to track your performance in Seller Central to make sure you are meeting or even exceeding the standards set for customer satisfaction, shipping time as well as sales. Take note that even Low Account Health will spare you from suspension.

To view any recent issues Amazon has with your orders or products, simply download the Order Defect Rate. For a rule of thumb, you must obtain the maximum rate for order defect rate of 1% or below, a maximum rate of 4% or below for late shipment rate and a maximum rate of 2.5% for pre-fulfillment cancel rate.

Say no to piggybacking!

These days, it is no longer unusual to know that people sell generic stuff right on a best-selling yet unbranded listing. If you’re planning to use this strategy, think again. Once the other seller figures it out, they may possibly buy your product. Then, they will report it as fake although your products derived from the same supplier.

In fact, it is one thing Amazon keeps on hunting these days. Therefore, refrain from doing this to avoid getting suspended for this issue.

Maintain your rate for 90-day refund below 5%. 

Returns are inevitable.  Don't worry - Amazon is aware of that. However, when they become excessive, it suggests that you have a problem with your listings or inventory. Act and solve these issues right away, improve your performance and boost your Refund Rate. You’ll obtain more profit and less chance of getting your seller account suspended once you have less refund.

How to check your fare? Just scroll down until you reach the bottom part of the Account Health page. Here, you will see the Refund Rate. Keep in mind that Amazon concentrates more on the 90-day Return Rate. They require no more than 5% or else you’ll experience the kiss of death.

If you think ignorance can save you to not follow Amazon’s guidelines, it will not! Thus, analyze your metrics and create a good action plan. Always bear in your mind that adhering to Amazon’s rules and regulation won’t just lessen the likelihood of being suspended, but it also boosts the possibility of achieving the Buy Box.