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Common Amazon Terminology Every Seller Needs To Know

November 01, 2017

Whether you’re new to Amazon selling or have been an established seller for a couple of years, it can sometimes feel like you have stumbled into a conversation where everybody knows already what they are talking about.

If that’s the case, you just need a short and simple explanation to get your mind around these new concepts. Here’s a list of the most common Amazon terminologies every seller needs to be aware of:


Otherwise known as Book, Movie, Video, and DVD, it’s a category of items sold on the platform. As a matter of fact, it’s the very first category sold by the Amazon. Unlike other categories, it features slightly different rules.


Also called as Amazon Standard Identification Number, ASIN pertains to the identification, which Amazon provides to each product listed on Amazon. Each product page on the platform has this number. 

You could utilize this number once you’re utilizing seller tools such as the FBA calculator, Inventory Lab etc. in searching for products. Keep in mind each item does have unique ASIN.

Brick & Mortar Store

More often than not, it is being utilized in reference to purchasing at a shop which has a physical location.


This refers to replenishable items or products which you buy for sale or regular price that could be bought repeatedly to sell online.

Stock Keeping Unit

Simply known as SKU, it’s a combination of letters and numbers, which is employed to determine items in the inventory of a company. Most companies utilize SKUs to oversee inventory effectively within a computerized system instead of keeping track of products according to other names or longer terms. 

At Time Of Posting

Oftentimes, it is used if you’re doing a post associating to a deal or price. With that, they would typically say ‘ATOP, I’m searching for these products for the best possible deal’.


Popularly known as ‘buy one get one’, this term is used to identify shopping deals. Generally, it is employed on sale ads. Say for instance, ‘ Lip scrubs are BOGO free this coming Sunday ‘. This simply denotes that you need to purchase one to get one free.

Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit

Usually, these are figures directly printed on your product labels which allows the picker’s scanner determine you as the owner of this product. With that, right items were being pulled for every sale. Bear in your mind that your units do have distinct FNSKU, thus when an item was out-of-place, this number would link it back to the owner.

International Standard Book Number

In Amazon, ISBN is relatively similar to how UPC codes were utilized such as using it with seller tools, searching products and must be covered when sending products to Amazon.

Verified Review

This refers to a review, which is left for an Amazon seller right after a trustworthy deal is made. A review could be or couldn’t be from a customer which actually purchased the item.

There you go – some of the basic terminologies you need to know to avoid the confusion, you can benefit from learning these stuff as you begin your business on the platform.