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Be Careful of "Inappropriate Emails"

September 27, 2017

 We’ve recently seen a surge in suspensions for “inappropriate emails.” This can be translated into bad customer service and can be broken down into a few issues.

  • Emails that solicit good reviews/review changes in exchange for refunds on products
  • Emails that threaten legal action or use foul language or even sarcasm in dealing with a difficult customer
  • Emails that offer discounts for offsite websites

 Amazon has very specific guidelines for reaching out to customers and many have learned the hard way that the consequences for deviating from these guidelines, even a little, can be swift and merciless. All of the above listed email types, including even the slightest hint of sarcasm, can get your seller account suspended and it can be incredibly difficult to get it back.

When dealing with a difficult customer, it’s best to

Know the importance of your customers

    Amazon believes its customers are gold and that you should treat them as such. Amazon will always have the customer’s back over yours. Customers rarely submit feedback for a job well done, but instantly jump on their keyboards to fire off a bad review.

    Be a good listener

      Often, a customer just wants an acknowledgement of wrong doing, an apology, or a simple remedy to the issue. Read between the lines.

      Avoid arguments and be careful in communication

        This is huge. Never, ever, EVER get into an argument with a customer. Never threaten to take legal action against a customer or use foul language or sarcasm. Refer to point #1 – Amazon will always have the customer’s back over yours – even if the customer is the one who starts the argument or war of words. Settle the issue as quickly and simply as possible.

        Recognize and predict needs

          Don’t wait for the customer to ask for solutions. Anticipate their needs, whether it is a refund or replacement or advise on best use practices.

          If you receive negative feedback for a product, you can do a couple of things:

          • Contact the customer and offer to resolve the situation. Once it’s resolved, ask if they would be willing to change their review.
          • Contact Amazon. You can contest negative feedback.
          • Reply to the review with your side of the story. Make sure to keep it professional.
          • Above all, never bribe a customer with a discount, refund, or free products in exchange for their changing their review. This will get you suspended very quickly.

          We know how frustrating it can be when you feel like a customer is trying to take advantage of you, but don’t send that email! Remember – this isn’t YOUR customer – it’s Amazon’s customer. You represent Amazon and their reputation rests on your selling practices and products. Treat the customer how you would want to be treated, no matter how unreasonable they are being. Offer a refund, a replacement, an apology, or all of the above immediately and without question. This will keep you on Amazon and the customer’s good side.