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Amazon Seller Suspension - Sneaky Sellers

June 26, 2017

Competition on Amazon is fierce, especially if you followed bad advice and went after trendy products. Beyond having to spend a ton of money on PPC just to be seen, you'll have to make sure your content and pictures are better than everyone else's. The players will change daily as new sellers move into your territory and, while you may have a sense of ethics, your competitors may not. There are many sellers out there who are not above playing dirty to steal your business. You need to know what to look out for so you don't end up, not only losing business, but getting suspended in the process. Here are a few of the sneaky ways competitors try to take you down:

  • ASIN Change
  • Picture Change
  • False Negative Feedback

We'll break this down for you so you can keep an eye out for these dastardly deeds if you promise to keep a daily eye on your reports and metrics. Cool? Cool.

ASIN Change

Other sellers can come in and change the ASIN of your product. I know, it doesn't make sense, but they can. All they have to do is add or take away any small thing from the details and can then change the ASIN. This means you're now listing against a detail page that doesn't 100% match your product and then you get suspended. How can you protect yourself against this? Well, if an ASIN change occurs Amazon will send you an email stating the change. There will be a link in this email to click if you disagree with the change. Make sure you contest the change immediately and make sure you follow up until everything is correct.

Picture Change

This is a difficult trick to catch because, unlike with an ASIN change, you don't receive a notification. The only way to really catch this is either to check your listings once a week or to pay attention to your feedback. If customers start complaining that your product doesn't match the description or its inauthentic, and you KNOW there's no way this could be correct, check your pictures! They will likely be the culprit. If you find that your pictures have been changed, you can protect yourself against further attacks by filing a policy violation with Amazon. 

False Negative Feedback

There a couple things you can look for here that will let you know its a competitor trying to get you in trouble. Look for reviews with ALL CAPS or ones that use terms only Amazon sellers would know. Remember, you can contest any negative feedback and should! If you keep an eye on your reports and feedback daily, this is easy to catch and take care of.

Although there are many other ways unethical sellers can take you down, these are the easiest the most common and easiest to resolve. If you suspect you're being attacked by a competitor, give us a call or shoot us an email. We can take a look at your account and advise you the best way to proceed to make sure you don't get suspended.