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Amazon Plan of Action-Appeal Your Selling Privileges

January 18, 2017

Need Help?

So your Amazon Selling Account has been suspended and now they want a "Plan of Action". But you're unsure of what to say or how to format it? Lets break it down.

What does a good Plan of Action consist of?

Take a step back here. Amazon isn't at fault here. It is you. You got yourself in this situation. Now let's get you out of it.

Answer the following:

  1. Why was your account suspended in the first place? 
  2. What issues caused the suspension? If it was a high ODR, what caused that
  3. What are you going to do to resolve it or what have you done to fix the issue

This is how you begin writing a strong "Plan of Action".  Keep it simple. Don't apologize. They don't have time to sit there and read every single apologetic appeal. They want cause and effect. It's simple. 

Let us know how we can help you! We want to get you back on the platform to make money!