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Amazon For International Sellers: Critical Things To Consider

January 12, 2018

 It would be safe to assume that most Amazon sellers wish to sell their products internationally. For the wider their customer base is, the more profits they would be earning. On the other hand, although the thought alone is exciting, it can be scary at the same time, especially if you don’t know how to get started. So, for international sellers on Amazon, below are the critical things to consider:

Laws being implemented in your target country

Every country has different laws when it comes to selling products. For example, you may have products that are being sold in your country that are found inappropriate to be sold in other countries. So, before you sell your products to your international customers, make sure that it is not violating any laws.

Profitability of the product

What might be selling well in your country might not sell well in other countries. After all, each country has different needs and even the standard sizes of the products may differ from one country to another. That said, you need to have products that can adapt to your target country. If possible, modify your products to meet the customers’ needs.


As an international seller on Amazon, it’s very critical for you to ensure that your products would be available for your customers when they need it. Good thing, you can make use of the Amazon Selling Coach to provide you with inventory projections based on the sales that you have made for the past 7 days. It can also provide you an idea on what products your customers are interested in on which you can use to improve your business.

Language support

Support is essential when it comes to providing a great customer service and enhancing customer satisfaction. So, how can you provide your customers with the support that they need regarding your product or service if you can’t even converse with them in their language? Proficiency in the language is necessary but nevertheless, there are also some helpful tools you can use for effective communication. Also, your product descriptions should be written in your customer’s language as well.


Shipping the items ordered directly to your customers is the best option for you but in order for you to do that, you first need to look for a carrier who can ship the items internationally. Make sure to choose a reliable and trusted carrier who can assure you that the items will be shipped without delays. Also, check out how much they would be charging you for it, although it may vary depending on the item’s weight, dimension, destination and other factors. Customs duties and taxes may also be charged on you. On the other hand, Amazon offers international shipping program known as the AmazonGlobal program for international sellers to make it easier for them to calculate the import fees and customs clearance for specific destinations.

Marketplace selection

At present, Amazon operates in 11 marketplaces and when it comes to selecting which marketplace to enter, you should consider what the competition there looks like and whether your product complies with all the legal considerations or not.

By considering all the things discussed above, you can better prepare yourself as well as understand your obligations as a seller prior to entering the Amazon international market.