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5 Essential FAQs About Selling On Amazon

October 30, 2017

For online entrepreneurs, Amazon is a huge and exciting place to expand their customer bases and increase sales. However, before starting your selling journey to the world’s largest international online marketplace, knowing the FAQs will help you in preparing your business in this environment as well as clarify all the questions that you might already have in your mind.

What are the documents or information do I need to prepare?

Basically, you need to prepare documentation necessary to guard your account. Sooner or later, having an invoice coming from the supplier, which will serve as the evidence that you have a legit product will vanish. One of these days, Amazon will ask you to provide authentic proof of your product’s existence through previous buyer complaints.

When is the best time to submit a POA to keep this away from the investigators in India?

Investigators alternately work during day and night in India. Thus, at any given moment, they could be analyzing your appeal. More often than not, training as well as auditing the quality is still low, regardless of who handles your case at any time of the day. Therefore, it won’t help you at all to think that you can outsmart the investigators. What you really need is a convincing Plan Of Action in order to expect even a single drop of success through writing an appeal.

How much do I need to spend to sell on Amazon?

Typically, Amazon offers 2 selling plans namely the Professional Selling Plan and the Individual Plan. You can buy the Professional selling plan at the cost of $39.99 every month plus the per-item selling charges that differ by category,

When you want to consider selling fewer than 40 things every month, it would be better if you’ll opt for the Individual plan, Take note that there’s no monthly subscription here. The thing here is that individuals need to pay $0.99 every item sold along with selling fees that vary by category. 

Not only that, there are also additional fees which will be added once you utilize Fulfillment by Amazon to pack, pick, ship as well as offer customer service for your service or products.

I own multiple accounts, what should I do now?

Sad to say, there’s no concrete answer for this. If you already sold for quite some time now on two different accounts but never bothered to asked Seller Performance for providing you the permission to run distinct and separate related accounts, either you’re waiting to get caught or you are taking down one of the accounts yourself right before it gives you more serious problems.

What should I do to keep away from losing several listings for products?

Are you selling plenty of the same inventories in the United Kingdom, which at the same time sells in the United States and yet keeps getting afoul procedure violations? If that’s the case, you badly require spending effort, energy and time in determining potential violations of Amazon policies or local laws once you load listings for sale within a new marketplace.

These are some of the essential FAQs that you must take into consideration before you start selling online. Amazon also provides free resources that will help you learn the basics from the necessary steps on how to get started to managing your business account. Read them to satisfy your learning curve.