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We understand...You're having the worst day of your life and there are way  too many choices. How do you know which company is a scam and who can really help you? Here's a few tips to keep you safe:

Reputable companies utilize third party review programs that are verifiable. We use TrustPilot. Pay attention to the language in your correspondence. Several appeal companies are run from overseas. This increases your risk of fraud. NEVER pay for a service before consulting the company and don't pay a ridiculous amount for a consult. Most companies provide this for free. Finally, run from any company claiming above 95% success rate. In this industry, that's a dirty, dirty lie.

We've made a handy chart for you to compare companies so you can make an educated decision. If a company you're looking at isn't on this list, they're too new and inexperienced for you to trust your business to.

Check it out below.

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